Hello, my name is Simone Hawlisch and I work as a freelance Photographer and Visual Storyteller located in Berlin, which is my home town when I am not travelling. This space is all about my portfolio and a bit about my travel whereas "by FRÄULEIN SONNTAG" is my own column on Instagram which is all about Slow Movement; capturing the litte stories of life and people or places that inspire me.

I envision myself more as a passerby; picking up notions and moods, being in the moment and translating this feeling into an image. I work with natural light only as it enhances the play of light and shadow, giving the scene an authentic and sometimes poetic feel.

My photography is rather about the moments of stillness, stimulating all senses and speaking to the human at the same time.

I enjoy the variety of my assignments, including the creative part and working holistically with my clients ensuring the best possible outcome.


My areas of work include

Editorials for online and print magazines like Condé Nast Traveler, Life & Thyme, sisterMag, FeedFeed from developing mood boards and recipes to conducting the actual photo shooting.

Visual Narrative Development or Social Medial Consulting for entrepreneurs and their small to medium-sized businesses as part of their brand strategy.

Event Styling & Table Decoration for functions, brands or creative spaces.

Lifestyle or Portrait Photography for everybody who is looking for a very natural setting that feels comfortable and authentic.

Food and lifestyle photography workshops or individual 1:1 coaching session for which I can meet you anywhere in the world or visit you at home to teach you all about moody photography.