This is a good example of what visual storytelling is all about and the magic you can create with the right light and settings. These are the kind of projects I really enjoy as I have been given all the creative freedom I wanted to create a series of recipes for Belsazar Vermouth.

I created an overall mood board which follows a theme based on their brand imagery. As a result I made these three recipes using Belsazar Vermouth Red, Rosé and Dry product.

Midsummer dream with Raspberries (serves 4 people)

Place 150-200g cantuccini biscuits in a round shaped dish (20cm diameter) and cover it with 4cl Belsazar Vermouth Red. Then place about 200g fresh raspberries on top of that layer. Combine 250g mascarpone with 250g curd (20%) and spread it over the raspberries. Now layer about another 150-200g of raspberries on top of the creme. Finally sprinkle with 50g of freshly roasted and chopped almonds. Best served slightly chilled.

Delicious Cheese spread (serves 4 people)

Combine 250g camembert, 150g roquefort and 150g curd made from goats milk with a fork. Add a little cream to get to a smooth creme adding 2cl Belsazar Vermouth White and some pepper. Put in the fridge for about an hour and serve with some cheese crackers, fresh baguette and seasonal fruit like fresh grapes, figs or sliced pears.

A cocktail and a promise (serves 2 people)

Pour 25ml of Belsazar Vermouth Rosé, 50ml Gin, 10ml thyme syrup and 15ml lime juice together with a handful of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Get two slightly chilled glasses filled with two ice cubes each and pour the cocktail into the glasses. Add to each glass half a slice of lime and garnish with some thyme twigs.